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The Single Source of Truth


Digital Service Providers

  • Convert data to DDEX standard
  • Facilitate royalty invoice reconciliation
  • Monitor rightsowners’ clean claiming
  • Support license negotiations
  • Residual calculation and licensor split
  • Provide licensing intelligence to established and upcoming DSPs


Evaluation of Service Providers

  • Find the best Service Provider to outsource your Online Licensing and Claiming

Improve and Monitor Clean Claiming and Residual Splits

  • Convert data to CCID/CDM standard
  • Reduce overclaims
  • Find missed claims
  • Monitor clean claiming
  • Support and check fair residual split
  • Provide licensing intelligence to pan-European and national licensors

The features

CLIC and LICON provide the

Through CLIC and LICON we provide rightsowners and DSPs access to the complete, multi-dimensional picture of copyright usage and claims.

Digital Service Providers

  • Check rightsowner claim reporting
  • Check rightsowner invoices
  • Monitor claim consistency
  • Monitor rightsowners’ market shares
  • Support license negotiations
  • Ensure compliance


  • Support staged invoicing
  • Monitor claim consistency
  • Identify and resolve false claims
  • Identify missed royalties
  • Monitor my market share
  • Monitor my share in residuals